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    • Citizens of Midgard, We would like to take this time to express our gratitude, and give back to all your support. With all sincerity , we are very thankful for your patience, your precious time, and the joy you are giving us just by staying with us. Tomorrow officially marks our first month of being with y'all. Cheers to more time with you and a lot more memories, friends! Thank you for understanding what it means to be a growing community, for taking part, and for making it as awesome as it is!  We will be having a giveback shower event tomorrow(January 17,2022) at  GMT+8 9pm, in the Ragnafy Headquarters. Please be there, don't miss it! It won't be a celebration without the celebrants!  See you, friends and Happy First Month!   See you there! One world, One Ragnafy!   
    • Citizens of Midgard!  We all know that Ragnafy is a new and a growing server, so as much as we can we would like to invite players that'll make our community bigger and more fun!  In case you know an existing guild / team that you think would like to be part of us, it'll be very good for us if you help us let them know that we want them on board by referring our server! Of course, your help will not be put to waste for we will reward your efforts! Check out the qualifications on our website that you have to follow so we can formally honor your referrals!  Guild Referral : https://ragnafy.com/main/guild_refer/   One world, One Ragnafy! 
    • Hey friends! Below are the changes made for Ragnafy. Please make sure to read everything and understand to prevent confusion and clarifications in game. Maintenance Compensation is available at Ragnafy Headquarters!   See you there! One world, One Ragnafy!  
    • Greetings! We will undergo a Server Maintenance on January 13, 2022 - 12:00 Midnight.  Please keep in mind that this is going to be a long maintenance and take hours to complete. We will implement changes to be posted later for you to be see, and this is to keep things balanced, in harmony and running until the next maintenance. Please bear with us when we do maintenance and repairs, for the server needs improvement and recalibration to keep everything organize and stable Thank you very much guys! See you in game!    Compensation will be given after the maintenance.
    • Hey friends! Below are the changes made for Ragnafy. Please make sure to read everything and understand to prevent confusion and clarifications in game.   Modified automated Happy Hour days from Wednesdays and Saturdays to EVERYDAY every (8AM - 4PM and 8PM - 4AM) GMT+8. Removed visual effects on healing items.  (ANDRO potion delay on HP/SP potions has been fixed) Modified Peco-peco Hairband item bonus. Fixed Grand Cross skill bug. Added freebie items on Fritz. 15 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage 15 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation. Compensation is up until January 5, 2022 - 12:00MN.      See you there! One world, One Ragnafy!  
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