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    • When you are signing up for a new account with Ragnafy, it will give us the notion that you agree to our Rules and Regulations and you have read our Privacy Policy, including our Terms of Agreement. Though in any case, Ragnafy reserves the right to change any rule without prior notice to the public.   A strict enforcement of our regulations is established, and found offenders/violators will be punished at our discretion.   Account Registration One person is entitled to only one account in the forums. Please avoid sharing your account information to anyone else. We, the Ragnafy Staff will never ask for your login credentials. Don't trust messages coming from us asking for your login credentials. We don't need them to access your account. If multiple registrations of newly created forum accounts are detected, they will automatically be banned and you are risking your main forum account from being terminated as well. Display Name Chosen display names must not be made up of a URL, taboo or offensive words. Chosen display names must not be a form of advertisement for other servers. This is clearly a sign of disrespect. Chosen display name length is between 3 to 15 characters with no restrictions. Profile Photo Account profile photos chosen must not contain prohibited(explicit,NSFW,etc.) contents. Account profile photos can have a maximum file size of 4.88 MB. Account profile photo file types that are accepted: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png. Signature Please do not use extremely large text, referral or affiliate links and must not contain any form of profanity. Chosen signatures can contain a maximum of 5 lines of text or a maximum of 3 lines of text if you're also using an image file. Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, with a limit of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100. Impersonation Ragnafy Staff impersonation, and other forum users within the scope of Ragnafy Community Boards is not allowed. An intentional imitation of other forum users(name usage) or Staff's display name and/or profile photo for inauspicious purposes will not be tolerated. Punishment Evasion It is expected that upon registration, the entire Ragnafy Community must know the server's Rules and Regulations, and being ignorant about it will never be a valid reason in any situation that may arise. Never try to rule out the possibility of a forum mute or ban by creating new accounts. Anticipating an escape clause in the rules and using that as a reason to avoid fair moderation will not be allowed. No Prohibited Content Anything shown in this forum can be considered inappropriate. Inappropriate things include materials that are related to sexually-oriented/pornography, illegal affairs that can be incriminating, offensive or disturbing to the general public, malicious and obtrusive of one's privacy through pictures, signatures, media and shared links used or shared by the individual. No Abusive Demeanor There are certain actions by the individual that can be abusive to others. These are known as flaming, bullying, trolling, instigating, personal attacks, rumor spreading, harassment and racism, religious and ethnic slurs, sexism, threatening, and objectionable language(unlawful, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, hateful words) No Profanity Yes, we understand that cussing can be casual between friends and team mates but this depends on the situation that you are in. We discourage cussing having the public as your audience, and generally. Cussing is considered profanity. Posts containing swearing/offensive, derogatory, obscene or otherwise distasteful language will be edited or removed without prior notice and will incur a warning point for your forum account. Points can lead to not-so-very-good things. No Real Money Trading (RMT) Real Money Trading(RMT) for any in-game item is never good which is ranks up on top of the forbidden list. The attempt to make money or advertise your personal business(definitely not related to Ragnafy) using the our Community Boards will not be tolerated. We can allow personal content through artworks though to be traded for in-game items. Respect the Ragnafy Staff Misunderstandings can never be avoided, even with Ragnafy's staff members. If you happen to deal with this, proper reports to the Administration Team is the best way to deal with issues about biases and things like these. Any post made by a player to create drama or stir conflict against a staff member to gain sympathy from the community will be removed on sight. No unsolicited PMs to Ragnafy Community Members Sending private messages to any member of the community for personal reasons such as advertising, marketing or promoting any form of solicitation, requesting goods or services, we will not hesitate to terminate your account when investigation draws guilt. The main purpose of this is to prevent unwanted and unrelated messages to invade our forums. Typing in all CAPS to draw more attention is prohibited. Unnecessary advertising and spamming is prohibited. When creating topics in the forum, make sure to use descriptive and very informative ones for better understanding. To bump topics more than once within 24 hours is prohibited. There is a search button in the forums. Before posting, try to look for related threads to prevent duplicates and multiple postings. This will make things harder for other members. Be familiar with the term Necroposting. This means posting in a thread that has been relatively inactive for a long period of time. This is prohibited. There are multiple sections in the forum as you should know, so please be careful in posting, and make sure to post in the correct one. The Ragnafy Staff and Moderators will move your thread if seen posted incorrectly. Repeated game issue-threads. Please make it a habit to use our Search Bar before posting any topic to find out if your issue has already been dealt with in the past. Please use our Support Ticket System and follow instructions if you need to report violations or appeal to certain issues, but refrain from using it to draw attention to your posted topic.  
    • This section constitutes clarifications and pointers to avoid the monotonous incidents of item loses for whatever reason that may have caused it. This is to remind everyone that the safety of your account is your top priority and responsibility besides enjoying the game. We advise that you keep your account information to yourself only.   If there are things to be checked in your account by the management, we will never require credentials. Records are present for monitoring purposes in your account. Having said all of these, we reserve the right to decline requests and refuse any assistance to anyone who failed to comply with our guidelines.     Account Sharing Do not give out your In-Game account information to anyone unless you are willing to take the risk of losing your items and/or the account itself. If in any case your In-Game account has been implicated, secure it immediately via the Reset Password option on our Website's Account Panel. Item Lending Lending items, including your in-game account, to anyone out of sheer trust is discouraged to a great extent. If you lend another person your in-game valuables, there's a huge chance that you will not be able to get it back. Item Transferring Avoid asking for another person's help when transferring items from one character to another, or from one account to another and vice versa. The use of Kafra storage or running of dual clients for transferring items from characters and accounts is the best possible choice there ever is. Mannerly Vending *TIPS* Double check the things you buy. There are players who insensitive about the things they do and can cause damage to hard working players. They vend items that may look identical to the ones you look for in a cheaper price to make you buy fast. Hover the mouse, and right click on the item before buying. (Example: Equips with slots, and no slots. Muffler[0] and Muffler [1].) We are warning you to prevent problems in the future about this. You can report players who do this for immediate action done by the Ragnafy Staff. Vend and buy very carefully. Make sure you always set the correct price for vending and buying shops. Know how to count from one to zero. Players frequently overlook putting in the right price for their items and end up selling or buying them way cheaper than intended. Price checks are a thing. Trading Know-Hows *TIPS* Again, double if not triple check the name of the person you are having transactions with. Make sure that you know them, and you can clarify their names by talking to them in other applications that are not prohibited by the server (e.x, Discord, Messenger) to make sure that they are the ones you are giving to, or receiving items from. It is wise to take screenshots of the _Trade Window_ for this MAY serve as proof if there are requests that have to be taken into consideration, and for immediate action to be done. Ensure that you are trading with the right player. Whether it's gifting or trading items, always double-check the player's name atop your Trade window. As a general guideline, make sure to gift or trade items with the other player on secured or less populated areas to prevent any item lose due to negligence. These are a few of the rules that you have to live by, and look at carefully. Other than all our warnings, please continue to be vigilant and careful in everything that you do. We will do our best to safeguard the community and everyone in it by reminding you about your accounts security, which is your responsibility.   Random Item Slips We encourage everyone to toggle the Drop Lock option available on your Inventory (Alt+E) window. The Drop Lock option is always toggled on by default. As a rule of thumb when moving items from your Inventory to your Storage or any Trade windows, have your Equipment window open to prevent dropping any items. Trading Stratagems Never trade with people with a suspicious character setup. When performing a deal with another player of any kind, take it slow. Don't be too hasty! Crucial information said on public chats and to so-called trusted people can be used against you. Realize that the possibility of anyone betraying you is real. Item Over-Upgrading Ragnafy is using 2019 Client which is more stable and has more convenient features than any previous Ragnarok Online clients out there. The maximum upgrade for armors and weapons is +10. With our client's safety features, accidentally over-upgrading your gears is now a thing of the past. Scamming Awareness Please use common sense. Always remain practical and refrain from placing your trust in players that you are not 100% familiar with. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not fall for anyone claiming to be a Ragnafy Staff. We will never ask for your usernames and passwords and will never give out free items unless it's officially announced. Non-Refundable Ragnafy Items All Ragnafy items acquired via Ragnafy Donation Shop are considered final and non-refundable. If you wish to avail of our Ragnafy Donation Points, please click here. All of the transactions made are safe and rest assure that your personal information is properly secured within our system! Happy Shopping!
    • The open-world's competitive edge is a very tricky and high-strung point of question for arguments when undesirable incidents take place. Ragnafy does not approve any acts of deliberate misconduct hence, punishments will be enforced as we deem fit.     Griefing The act of deliberately sabotaging, disturbing and causing distress to other players' gameplay using aspects of the game in unintended ways. The general Griefing Rule is applicable and covers Player versus Environment (PvM and MvP) settings as well as on any Battle and Event settings. Mob Training The accumulation of numerous monsters, luring and dragging them as a mob. It is not entirely restricted on less populated maps. Avoid mob training if you cannot properly kill the trail of mobs and wind up jeopardizing other players and obstructing their gameplay. Mob Dropping This happens when a player purposely teleports or uses Hide skill, losing a monster or a mobs in such a way that the said monster/mobs attacks an unwary player or party. The spamming of DBs or BBs, or changing a monster's class (using a Polymorphic Accessory or an Azoth Weapon) near an unsuspecting player is considered as mob dropping. DB and BB Spam All areas within the server have set map flag of no dead branch hence making it impossible for anyone to summon monsters using DB/BB. Fields and Dungeons are the only places where players are free to spam DBs/BBs and summon monsters to kill.   PUNISHMENT General Griefing 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Verbal Warning + 30 Minutes Jail 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Verbal Warning + 60 Minutes Jail 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 120 Minutes Mute and Jail 4th Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 02 Days Temporary Ban Repeated offenses will result in being Muted while Jailed. The punishment length will depend on the severity of the succeeding cases. Common term used in Ragnarok Online, often abbreviated as FFA, where anyone can attack a monster regardless of who summoned it, who is attacking it, or who is being attacked by it. Free-for-All Free-for-All is a classification applied to certain types of monsters: MVPs, Town Invasion Monsters, Hocus-Pocus(ABRAKADABRA) & DB/BB-summoned Monsters and Staff-Hosted Event-summoned Monsters. Restrictions The Free-for-All classification does not apply to Mini-Boss Monsters or other types of monster in the least. Attacking non-FFA monsters is considered as Kill Stealing. General Griefing Rule still applies.
    • The server-wide rules stated here will be strictly enforced in-game, and in some cases, outside of the game and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Both Players and Staff are advised to follow them, including cases and/or behaviors not explicitly pointed out that  could be considered unsuitable to prevent any unwanted incidents. Game and Forum Accounts are of high value and should be safeguarded accordingly. You are solely responsible for the protection of your accounts and their login credentials along with the actions taken upon them. In the event that account information sharing cannot be helped, you risk your chances of getting any assistance from us should any setback happens. We do not approve nor encourage players this kind of affairs and we cannot to be held responsible for any actions that may lead to loss of any account and/or items. In any case of rule violation, any account, Game and/or Forum, may be irrevocably terminated, deleted or cancelled by the Administration Team's discretion. Since we are a server that welcomes different people; this means different languages. This means that misunderstanding can be a problem to other players. With this, we strongly advice players to try their best to PUBLICLY speak in ENGLISH. Especially in Main / Public Chat(World) which involve transactions and trading to prevent problems. The English language is known to be the universal language understood by most of the players. We are trying to enforce this rule for the betterment of everyone. Players are allowed to speak in any regional language in other chat channels in minor towns or through personal messages. Harassment comes in different forms of behavior that are offensive in nature, and will not be tolerated. Harassment may include, but not be limited to, verbally abusing an individual/group, stalking, threatening, embarrassing, spreading rumors and public defamation through global channels, public chats or private messages. Verbal Assault / Trashtalking. Over excitement can lead to heated verbal exchanges; these are inevitable but we stick to keeping this server a toxic-free environment. Mild banters are allowed, but involving people that are related to the player that are outside the game are never tolerable. You can have these things reported to the Game Masters with sufficient proof, and the needed action will be done immediately. Both sides will be heard the prevent one sided claims. Spamming, scrolling, flooding of text chats, skills, and spells are not allowed. Pubs such Chat Rooms and Buying Shops must be situated at least five (3) cells away from NPCs, preferably on sidewalks of every town. Additionally, Vend Blocking, Stacking and Spot Hogging are immediate grounds for instant character disconnection on top of the usual punishment for repeated offenses.   PUNISHMENT: 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Verbal Warning 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 5 Minutes Mute 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 10 Minutes Mute 4th Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 15 Minutes Mute 5th Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 30 Minutes Mute Repeated offenses will result in an additional 5 minutes Mute on all Global Channels. The punishment length will depend on the severity of the succeeding cases plus Jail Time for more than 10 Offenses made.   This section is one of the most important things that we will warn everybody about. Make sure to check properly the names of the people you talk to, or make deals with. As we all know, letters can look identical but they mean different. Example: ( Lowercase: i , Uppercase: I = looks like an (L) using lowercase letters. Each Player's identity should be exclusive. We do not tolerate stealing another player's name with the malicious intent to impersonate them and cause other forms of damage in any way. Each Staff's identity must be respected. Character names with any form of [GM] prefix included in its creation for the purpose of imitating and claiming to be a Staff is strictly prohibited.   PUNISHMENT: 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent Jail of the Character 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent Ban of the Account Repeated offenses will result in an IP/MAC Ban. Below are different ways of stealing in our community. Please properly read the description, and you can report players who do any of these(with needed proof, video, screenshot) to any of the GMs so we can give proper sanctions for their actions. Looting is the act of deliberately picking up another player's item (monster dropped or incidental dropped) without permission, and will not be tolerated. We encourage players to utilize the @arealoot In-Game command and toggle Drop Lock Inventory option at all times to prevent looting incidents. Scamming is generally prohibited. All dealings with the intention, either implicit or explicit, to deceive or mislead in the form of a trade, vend, or other kinds of transaction are not permitted. All scamming reports will have different punishments and will be taken on a case-by-case basis with total discretion. Hacking is any illegal action relating to another player's Account. This includes, but is not limited to, security exploits, packet analyzers, password cracking, any brute-force and spoofing attacks. It is in our full discretion on how to handle hacking cases that was not brought upon by server security issues. Bypassing the disabled Homunculus Autoloot feature using the Mercenary System will not be tolerated. Intentionally ignoring specific changes that have been made to prevent any players from abusing certain set-ups within Ragnafy will result in extreme disciplinary actions.   PUNISHMENT Looting 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Verbal Warning + Looted Items Wipe 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 30 Minutes Mute and Jail + Looted Items Wipe 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 60 Minutes Mute and Jail + Looted Items Wipe Scamming 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 120 Minutes Jail + Scammed Items Wipe 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 03 Days Temporary Ban + Scammed Items Wipe 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 07 Days Temporary Ban + Scammed Items Wipe Hacking 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent Ban of the Account and all related Accounts Bypassing 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Verbal Warning 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 24 Hours Mute and Jail 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 48 Hours Mute and Jail 4th Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent IP/MAC Ban Repeated offenses under In-Game Thievery violation will result in varying severe punishment. The rules on the players’ behavior under this section is the same as what the SOCIAL DECORUM enforces them to do. Proper etiquette must be regarded without exception on Battle and Event Zones. Any form of exploit, harassment, obstruction and griefing from any player or group is prohibited. Again, social Decorum Rule applies. The multi-client limit is DISABLED on Battle and Event Zones to prevent any misconduct that may occur during official server happenings. Anyone caught resorting to utilize alternative ways of bypassing the game set-up to abuse this regulation will be dealt with accordingly. All guilds are expected to act accordingly. Each guild must represent their group properly starting with their emblems. The misuse of guild emblems and malicious tactics to purposely gain advantage or inflict disturbance in any way especially during War of Emperium will not be tolerated. Battleground participation on multi-client will not be tolerated. Players who are caught leeching the Battlegrounds on another client will have their involved accounts be held liable for punishment of the offense with the exception of the following activities: idling in towns, vending, or any action that is not related to participating in the Battleground Event.   PUNISHMENT General Policy 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 30 Minutes Mute and Jail 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 60 Minutes Mute and Jail 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 120 Minutes Mute and Jail 4th Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 02 Days Temporary Ban Offenders will be muted and jailed during Official Battle and Server Events. Guild Leaders are to take full responsibility with the misuse of their guild emblems. Repeated offenses will result in prolonged punishment duration depending on the severity of the case. Battleground Policy 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 06 Hours Mute and Jail 2nd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 12 Hours Mute and Jail 3rd Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 24 Hours Mute and Jail 4th Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 02 Days Mute and Jail Continuous Battleground offenses will result in a maximum seven (7) days muted jailtime. Other than our rules, please make sure to read our “TERMS of USE” regarding your behavior using the services, and important notices. All sections on this rulebook is to be followed properly, but this section(Game Altercations) is to be given attention more. AFK Farming by way of auto-skills, either from equipped gear or class-based skill, will not be tolerated. This method of farming simulates the unfair advantages that a bot program would give. Multi-clienting while farming using the previously mentioned method will result in a similar punishment on all concerned accounts. Third-Party Program (3PP) is an application component that is designed to work with or around the server that is not owned by Ragnafy is strictly prohibited. These software programs interfere directly with the in-game player experience, impedes the competitive nature of the game and provides measurable player advantage. Client Modification that gives a favorable gain over other players is not allowed. The exception to this rule are edits that are generally harmless and are Ragnafy-approved such as minimal effects, no texture graph file mods and cosmetic changes. We do not restrict all acts of client-side alterations, some of which actually fall within acceptable territory. Please refer to the list below: Accepted Modifications Homunculus AI Scripts Use of Gray Map (custom.grf) Custom Pettalktable.xml (custom.grf) Custom Cursors/Pointers (custom.grf) Modified Cast Circles/Aura Sprites (custom.grf) Custom RO Skins/Themes (via ":\RO\Skin\" folder) Clown's Frost Joke/Gypsy's Scream Texts (via ba_frostjoke.txt/dc_scream.txt) Prohibited Modifications GRF Edits to dismiss animations. GRF Edits to alter character sprites, textures and effects. Edits to skillnametable.txt for easy access to certain skills. Edits to reveal WoE damages and cloaked/hidden players. Edits to monster and homunculus sprites, or related ACT files. No Delay, Freewalk, Extended Zoom, Auto-Targeting and FPS Increasing Programs.   PUNISHMENT AFK Farming 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ 12 Hours Mute and Jail [Main Character] + 06 Hours Mute and Jail [Account Alts] Repeated offenses will result in a maximum length of seven (7) days muted jailtime. Third Party Program 3PP + Client Mods 1st Offense ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent Ban of the Account Repeated offenses for consistent and blatant use will result in a permanent IP/MAC Ban. This is another Major Offense in our Rulebook. Make sure that you read or understand the terms listed below. These are ways to corrupt and destroy the economy of the server which will greatly affect the gameplay of others. Donation and clean farming is the best way to earn zeny without complications.  Sanctions for this offense when deemed guilty, will have no warnings. Real Money Trading (RMT) is the buying or selling the following in-game assets by means of real life monetary transaction: Accounts, Items, Currency or other Ragnafy resources. These transactions violate our Terms of Service and is deemed illegal and strictly forbidden. Other Game Trading (OGT) involves any form of online gaming content transaction with other private servers and any kind of online games. External trading activity of any Ragnafy Accounts, Items, Currency or other resources for another game's materials is unacceptable.   PUNISHMENT Real Money Trading Seller ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent Ban of the Account Buyer ᛫᛫᛫ 1-4 Weeks Temporary Ban + RMT-Related Resources Wipe Other Game Trading Seller ᛫᛫᛫ Permanent Ban of the Account Buyer ᛫᛫᛫ 1-4 Weeks Temporary Ban + OGT-Related Resources Wipe Repeated offenses will result in the suspension of all related accounts and a possible permanent IP/MAC Ban. We maintain a very strong sense of commitment to accuracy and scrutinize reports that come in through our system.  
    • When signing up for a new account with Ragnafy, you agree to our Rules and Regulations and you have read our Privacy Policy, including our Terms of Agreement. In any case, Ragnafy reserve the right to change any rule without prior notice. Strict enforcement of our regulations is absolute and found offenders will be punished at our discretion.                                          
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